Eco-friendly Clothing is a Consumer Trend

Recycled polyester is an environmentally friendly choice for garment manufacturing. Virgin polyester is a product derived from petroleum, and its production requires a lot of energy. In contrast, recycled polyester is made from plastic bottles. Compared with the production of polyester fabrics by conventional processes, it saves nearly 70% of energy, which can greatly reduce the amount of oil used. Data shows that every ton of recycled polyester yarn can save 1 ton of oil and 6 tons of water.
Since 2019, there has been an 80% increase in activewear made from recycled polyester and searches for sustainable activewear have increased 151%. A recent McKinsey and Company poll found that 67% of consumers consider sustainable materials an important factor when buying clothing.
Therefore, the use of recycled polyester fabric is not only of positive significance for the sustainable development of low carbon emission reduction, but also consumer demand for environmentally friendly clothing.